Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What Progress We've Made!

We had our World Of Pet's Expo last weekend [1/28-1/30]. I took Kallie on Sunday and we stayed back in the agility area with our friends who were trialing with their dogs.

Kallie listened to almost everything I asked, and considering the amount of commotion, distractions and all the immense amount of smells, she behaved pretty darn well in my book.

A few times we needed to re-direct her focus off of another dog etc. however, for the most part she had great eye contact with me and relaxed body language.

When we first arrived however, she was a little nervous, but as I stated above, it was a loud and unfamiliar environment for her, It was her first time in that type of environment.

We let her sleep in her crate and through the crate become accustomed to all her surroundings. That seemed to do the trick and when I took her out of her crate for the first time since we had got there she was all tail wags and excited. It was almost like she woke up a different dog, "Oh, This is my time to shine, It's agility!".

We had a supertastic weekend and it gives me the encouragement and that extra boost to continue doing what I've been doing [positive reinforcement only and clicker training] because it's working.

I realized throughout the day she was with me at the expo, how strong our bond and trust in each-other has become. I couldn't ask for a better dog, friend or companion to be at my side for Years, and Years, to come.

I also got a new camera over the weekend, so saying I got a few good shots is an understatement. Not to overwhelm you with to many pictures, I'll just add a few of my favorites.

Diana and Kallie

Oh and for some extra cuteness, we perfected our 'Meerkat' trick we have been working on. She's such a proud little girl, and I'm a proud momma! 


  1. Riley does that same "Meerkat" trick and it's her favorite trick to do. We call it "Pretty" because she's sitting pretty. Anyway, glad to hear the Expo went well and that Kallie was well-behaved. Good to see you back in "Blogville!"

    Elyse and Riley

  2. She was great at the pet expo! Hopefully next year you two will be running in it with us :)

    Keep up the good work you two!

  3. I love that Meerkat trick so cute!

  4. Great work! Don't let anyone dissuade you from positive techniques. That happened to me once when clicker training was going through a rough patch and it didn't end well. When in doubt take a few steps back and lessen your criteria! Sounds like you are doing just fine though! Cattle dogs can be a handful, but also the most loving dogs in the world (next to Aussies, jk). Keep it up!


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