Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Big Day Is Tomorrow

Kallie is getting spayed tomorrow [2/4/11]. She is going to be eight months old on February 16th, so I figured it was about time.

We just went to the vet for her pre-surgery check-up to make sure it's a 'go' for tomorrow. She looks as healthy as can be, according to the vet. That news helped calm my nerves just a little.

I think no-matter how many people tell me it's gonna be okay, and chances are extremely slim that somethings gonna go wrong, I'm still gonna be a nervice wreck until she's back at home resting.

After the surgery is over, my next challenge is going to be, how to keep a cattle-dog 'chill' and non-exuberant for a whole week-and-a-half. I'm thinking tons-and-tons of mind games, '101 things to do with [fill in the blank]' - Food Toys, and anything else you or I can come up with. If you have suggestions, lord knows I need them- So comment below!.

I will keep everyone updated and I'm so glad I'm back in the bloggitivity world! I missed commenting, and reading, and interacting with everyone.

Have a great Thursday and a Great Super-Bowl Weekend. [Who are you rooting for?]

Diana and Kallie.


  1. With the sub zero temps we have been playing a lot of nose games. It's very, very low impact. I just hide little bits of food (hot dog, ham,cheese) and Tibby walks around and sniffs them out. We started out with the food just around the edge of the room, so Tibby could see AND smell it. Now that she understands the game I hide the treats in harder to find places - window sills, underneath boxes, ect. It has also helped her to learn to wait while I hide the treats. Tibby LOVES this game!

  2. I was also a nervous wreck when Riley got spayed! Riley actually tore her stitches open because I couldn't manage to keep her calm...she had to be put on sedatives for about a week until she healed up. She also had an allergic reaction to the stitches, so that played a part too, but the vet said it's rare for them to be allergic to the stitches and it was only a minor inconvenience and she healed up just fine and now you can't even tell she has a scar on her belly. Good luck to Kallie, I'm sure she'll come through it like a champ! It's just important to try and keep her calm--crate her if you have to.

    Elyse and Riley

  3. Hey,
    You may want to read my review of cones vs. inflatable collars...If you pup has any history of licking or fussing you may need to look into it. Just a thought. I'm sure everything will go to plan...just a walk in the park. But do keep Elyse is right do keep an eye on the stitches and crating somewhere you can keep an eye on her at least for the first couple days will help! Good luck to you both.

  4. Oh and just a thought that this could be a perfect time to start working on some trick work. The books 101 Dog Tricks, etc. by Kyra Sundance are set up so you can earn titles for your trick work from home...if you're worried about things to do grab your clicker and start impressing your friends. Though I'd avoid the jumping tricks and anything that involves too many belly stretches.

  5. Thank-You everyone the help, encouragement and suggestions.

    I will for sure be getting tons of use out of the clicker.

    I will keep everyone updated on her reactions and after-surgery stuff.

    I will deffinatley look at your post on cones vs. inflatable ones.


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